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William Williams

William Williams

Born: April 23, 1731 at Lebanon, Connecticut
Died: August 2, 1811 (aged 80) at Lebanon, Connecticut
Spouse: Mary Trumbull (m. 1771 – unknown)
Children: He had 3 children

Offices held:
Delegate for Connecticut to the Continental Congress (1776)

Facts about William Williams

He was the signer of the Declaration of Independence. Williams was also pastor of the First Congregational Church in Lebanon, Connecticut and a successful merchant. Williams’ home in Lebanon survives and is a U.S. National Historic Landmark.

William Williams Childhood

Williams was born in Lebanon, Connecticut, the son of a minister, Tim Solomon Williams, and Mary Porter. He studied theology and achieved law school from Harvard in 1751. He continued preparing for the ministry for a year, but then joined the militia to fight in the French and Indian War.

Where is William Williams buried?

He was buried in Lebanon’s Old Cemetery.

How did William Williams die?

He died on August 2, 1811, by unknown cause.