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William Samuel Johnson

William Samuel Johnson

Born: October 7, 1727 at Stratford, Connecticut
Died: November 14, 1819 (aged 92) at Stratford, Connecticut
Spouse: Anne Beach (m. 1749 – 1798)
Children: He had 11 children

Offices held:
United States Senator from Connecticut (1789 – 1791)
Political Party: 

Facts about William Samuel Johnson

Fearing the consequences of independence for both the colonies and the mother country, Johnson sought to avoid extremism and to reach a compromise on the outstanding political differences between the protagonists. He felt that the American Revolution was not necessary and that independence would be bad for everyone concerned.

In 1765 and 1766 Oxford University conferred honorary master’s and doctor’s degrees upon him. In 1787, Johnson played a major role as one of the Philadelphia Convention’s delegates. His eloquent speeches on the subject of representation carried great weight during the debate.

Johnson also supported the New Jersey Plan, which demanded equal representation of states in national legislature. The town of Johnson, Vermont, the small university Johnson State College, and Johnson Street in Madison, Wisconsin bear his name.

William Samuel Johnson Childhood

William was born at Stratford, CT, in 1727. His father, who was a well-known Anglican clergyman-philosopher, prepared him for college and he graduated from Yale in 1744. About 3 years later he won a master of arts degree from the same institution and an honorary master’s from Harvard.

Resisting his father’s wish that he become a minister, Johnson embraced law instead–largely by educating himself and without benefit of formal training. After admittance to the bar, he launched a practice in Stratford, representing clients from nearby New York State as well as Connecticut, and before long he established business connections with various mercantile houses in New York City.

Where is William Samuel Johnson buried?

He is buried at Christ Episcopal Church Cemetery, Stratford, Connecticut.

How did William Samuel Johnson die?

He died by natural cause at his birthplace, Stratford, Connecticut.