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William Paca

William Paca

Born: October 31, 1740 at Baltimore County, Province of Maryland
Died: October 23, 1799 (aged 58) at Queen Anne’s County, Maryland
Spouse: Mary Chew (m. 1763 – ), Anne Harrison (m. 1780 – 1780)
Children: He had 5 children

Offices held:
3rd Governor of Maryland (1782 – 1785)
Maryland State Senator (1777 – 1779)
Maryland Delegate to the Continental Congress (1774 – 1779)

Facts about William Paca

President George Washington appointed him judge of the Court for Maryland in 1789, a post he held until his death in 1799. In Maryland, three elementary schools are named for him.

William Paca Childhood

Paca was born in Abingdon, in what was then Baltimore County, in the British colony of Maryland. He was the child of John Paca, a wealthy planter in the area, and his wife Elizabeth Smith. He was the second son of the family, after his elder brother Aquila, and had five sisters. The brothers entered school at the Philadelphia Academy and Charity School in 1752, and the younger Paca went on to attend the The College of Philadelphia, graduating in 1759 with a bachelor of arts degree. He was also to receive a master of arts degree from the College in 1762, though this required no further study, only that Paca request it and be in good standing.

After graduating from college, Paca returned to Maryland, reading law in the colonial capital of Annapolis under the tutelage of a local lawyer named Stephen Bordley. By 1761, he was licensed to practice law, and in 1764 was admitted to the provincial bar, having stayed in Annapolis to establish his practice.

Where is William Paca buried?

He was buried in the family cemetery in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland.

How did William Paca die?

Paca died in 1799 at his estate of Wye Hall in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland.