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Thomas Heyward Jr

Thomas Heyward Jr

Born: July 28, 1746 at St. Luke’s Parish, Province of South Carolina
Died: March 6, 1809 (aged 62) at Old House, South Carolina
Spouse: Elizabeth Matthews (m. 1773 – 1782), Elizabeth Savage (m. 1786 – 1809)
Children: He had 4 children

Offices held:
Member of Continental Congress (1775)

Facts about Thomas Heyward Jr

On August 27, 1780, Heyward was taken from his Charleston home by British troops and detained in the Old Exchange Building. Just hours after being arrested, he and 28 other “”ringleaders of the rebellion”” were relocated to a guard ship in the harbor. On September 4, they were transported to St. Augustine, Florida, and remained there for about 11 months until they were freed in a prisoner exchange.

He signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776. He was characterized for sound judgment, and an ardent disposition. Possessing such a character, he naturally acquired, and was justly entitled to, the confidence and esteem of his fellow-citizens.

Thomas Heyward Jr Childhood

Thomas Heyward was born in St. Luke’s parish, in the province of South Carolina, in the year 1746. His father, Colonel Daniel Heyward, was a planter of great wealth, which he had chiefly acquired by his industry.

Unlike many gentlemen of fortune, Mr. Heyward did not appear to idolize his possessions; at least, convinced of the importance of intellectual cultivation, he determined to bestow upon his son all the advantages which a thorough education might impart. Accordingly, the best school in the province was selected for young Heyward, who, by his diligence, became well acquainted with the Latin language, and with such other branches as were at that time taught in the most respectable provincial seminaries.

Where is Thomas Heyward Jr buried?

He is buried at Old House Plantation near Ridgeland, Jasper County, South Carolina. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1997.

How did Thomas Heyward Jr die?

Judge Heyward died in March, 1809, in the sixtyfourth year of his age.