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Courses of Empire: The Thomas Chew Family

Courses of Empire: The Thomas Chew Family | Orange County and the Colonial Virginia Recessional By Frederick Madison Smith, secretary Despite the burgeoning prosperity of his young family in the emerging Virginia Piedmont, Ambrose Madison’s […]

How to Install WordPress On Bluehost

How to Install WordPress For Your New Genealogy Website First off, congratuations! You are now a new owner of a Genealogy Website! If you missed Step 1. on How to Create A Genealogy Website and would like […]

How to Create A Website

How to Create a Website | STEP-BY-STEP THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS I started my Genealogy website in August of 2001, and at the time I had no idea it would change my life. Back […]

Presidential Pets of the Past

Presidential Pets of the Past Dr. Ronnie Elmore’s interest in presidential pets began about 13 years ago, when he moved to Kansas. “It started because the Eisenhower Museum (in Abilene) was so close,” said Elmore, […]

The Mystery of Monticello

he was the author of the canonical sentence in American history, the one that begins: “We hold these truths …” But there is nothing self-evident about Thomas Jefferson. […]

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