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Carter Braxton

Carter Braxton

Born: September 16, 1736 at King and Queen County, Virginia
Died: October 10, 1797 (aged 61) at Richmond, Virginia
Spouse: Judith Robinson (m. 1755 – 1757), Elizabeth Corbin (m. 1761 – 1797)
Children: He had 16 children from two marriages.

Facts about Carter Braxton

He is a grandson of Robert King Carter, one of the wealthiest and most powerful landowners and slaveholders in the Old Dominion. He lost nearly all of his wealth in the course of the revolution, partly through his support of the Union, and partly through attack by the British forces.

Braxton County, West Virginia was formed in 1836 and named in Braxton’s honor.

Carter Braxton Childhood

Braxton was born on Newington Planation in Virginia on September 10, 1736. His father was a rich and influential planter. His mother died at his birth, and his father passed away when Carter was only 13.

Braxton spent his youth in wealth and privilege. He attended the College of William and Mary. After only a year of studying, young Carter dropped out to marry Judith Robinson. Tragically, Judith died giving birth to the second of the couples two daughters only two years after the wedding.

After the death of his wife in 1757, Braxton traveled Europe for two years. Upon his return, he married Elizabeth Corbin on May 15, 1760. Together they had somewhere around 16 children. Most persons with the name Carter Braxton since the end of the Civil War have been, and are, African-American, presumably descendants of slaves on Braxton’s plantation(s).

Where is Carter Braxton buried?

He was buried on the Chericoke estate in King William County, Virginia, a plantation he previously owned and which remained within Braxtons family.

How did Carter Braxton die?

Carter Braxton died by natural cause in his Richmond home on October 10, 1797.”