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Adlai Stevenson

Adlai Stevenson

Born: October 23, 1835 at Christian County, Kentucky
Died: June 14, 1914 (aged 78) at Chicago, Illinois
Spouse: Letitia Green (m. 1866 – 1913)

23rd Vice President of the United States (1893 – 1897)
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Illinois’s 13th district (1875 – 1877 and 1879 – 1881)

Political Party: Democratic
Children: Adlai Stevenson had 4 children

Facts about Adlai Stevenson

First, a habitual cigar-smoker, Cleveland developed cancer of the mouth that required immediate surgery in the summer of 1893. Second, the president insisted that the surgery be kept secret to avoid another panic on Wall Street.

Also, his grandson Adlai E. Stevenson II, served as governor of Illinois and was nominated as the Democratic candidate for President in 1952 and 1956, losing both times to Dwight Eisenhower. His great-grandson, Adlai E. Stevenson III, served as a senator for Illinois, twice ran for governor, and was himself considered a contender for the vice presidential nomination in 1976.

Vice President Stevenson was both a fixture on the Washington social scene and an enthusiastic public servant. Moreover, he regularly opened his offices to reporters and found a fair amount of pleasure in presiding over the Senate. Also, Adlai Ewing Stevenson was a well-liked and respected politician renowned for his political moderation and instinctive desire for compromise.

After the defeat in 1900, Stevenson returned to private practice in Bloomington, Illinois, where he worked quietly until 1908, when he made an unsuccessful run for governor of Illinois.

Adlai Stevenson Childhood

Stevenson was born on the family farm in Christian County. He attended a public school in Blue Water, Kentucky. Two years later, his father set free their few slaves and the family moved to Bloomington, Illinois, where his father then operated a sawmill.

Stevenson attended Illinois Wesleyan University at Bloomington and ultimately graduated from Centre College, in Danville, Kentucky; at the latter he was a part of Phi Delta Theta. His father’s death prompted Stevenson to return from Kentucky to Illinois to run the sawmill.

Stevenson was admitted to the bar in 1858, at age 23, and commenced practice at Metamora in Woodford County, Illinois. Also, ass a young lawyer, Stevenson encountered such celebrated Illinois attorneys as Stephen A. Douglas and Abraham Lincoln, campaigning for Douglas in his 1858 Senate race against Lincoln.

Furthermore, Stevenson’s dislike of Lincoln might have been because a contentious meeting between the two, at which Lincoln made several witty quips disparaging Stevenson. Stevenson also made speeches against the “”Know-Nothing”” movement, a nativist group opposed to immigrants and Catholics. Finally, that stand helped cement his support in Illinois’ large German and Irish communities. In a predominantly Republican area, the Democratic Stevenson won friends through his storytelling and his warm and engaging personality.

Where is Adlai Stevenson buried?

His body is interred in a family plot in Evergreen Cemetery, Bloomington, Illinois.

How did Adlai Stevenson die?

Finally, he died by natural cause in Chicago on June 14, 1914.”